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QR Generator is an innovative application designed to facilitate the creation of QR codes in SVG format from any text you desire. Whether it’s to share contact information, URLs, messages, or any other type of text, QR Generator provides you with a quick and efficient solution to generate high-quality and customizable QR codes.

The QR Generator app simplifies the creation of QR codes by providing an easy-to-use form where you can input the desired information, such as URLs, text, contact details, and more. With just one click, the app instantly generates a unique QR code based on the entered data, ensuring accuracy and speed in the process.

One of the standout features of QR Generator is the ability to download the generated QR code in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. This vector format allows the QR code to be resized without any loss of quality, maintaining its sharpness and detail at any size, from small icons to large banners, making it ideal for various graphic applications.

QR Generator offers the ability to customize the QR code style with four different geometric options. These choices allow users to select the design that best fits their aesthetic or branding needs. Each style provides a unique look, adding a touch of personalization and originality to the generated QR codes.

QR Generator is an extremely versatile tool, suitable for both personal and professional use. Whether sharing contact information at events, directing customers to a website, or even for marketing and advertising applications, this app provides an efficient and personalized solution for QR code generation, making it essential for anyone or any business looking to leverage this technology.

Manu Esbozo is a graphic designer who provides support to both clients and professionals in the design sector. He is dedicated to creating free and open-use applications for everyone, ensuring that his tools are accessible and useful to a wide audience. His commitment to quality and accessibility is reflected in QR Generator, offering a reliable and aesthetically pleasing tool for QR code generation.

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